Full Mouth Mix Restoration

Restoration of 22 to 28 teeth

The best complete smile restoration package that adapts to the specific needs of every patient, if your smile needs a total reconstruction but you still have teeth with a good condition of the bone that can be saved, this treatment is for you, with a mix of dental implants, zirconium crowns, porcelain bridges and veneers, you will receive 28 new teeth according to your specific needs.

If you have any questions about the recommended treatment for you, Dr. Freer helps you to take the decision in the next video:

Package includes:

  • First Consultation with the Prosthodontist Specialist.
  • Panoramic X-rays on site.
  • Premium Brand Implants and include original abutments.
  • Bone grafts (except sinus lift).
  • Dental extractions.
  • Dental implants (Premium brand).
  • Dental implant surgery.
  • Anesthetist and anesthesia.
  • Zirconium crowns on implants.
  • Zirconium crowns on teeth.
  • Zirconium Veneers.
  • Porcelain bridges.
  • 1 week of lodging.
  • Transportation airport – hotel – airport.
  • Concierge services.
  • A team of internationally trained doctors by Freer Dental.

The process of getting your Full Mouth Reconstruction will not only improve aesthetics but it will also provide you with the correct function of your bite, with a mix of dental implants, zirconium crowns and porcelain bridges you will receive a new smile of 28 new teeth according to your needs.


  • This treatment is adapted to the need of the state of your teeth
  • Teeth with good bone condition are rescued
  • Receive a new smile in zirconium in a single trip
  • All inclusive package

From $ 17,500

Upper and lower arch

Zirconium Smile

Price calculated for Payment to our Account in a Miami-FL-USA Bank (Wire transfer) or cash payment

The number of implants, crowns, porcelain bridges or veneers will be defined in your first appointment with the specialist, 18 to 28 new teeth will be delivered, depending on your case you can carry out the entire treatment in a single trip or need a second additional trip.


This treatment has a total guarantee of 3 years, any adjustment, arrangement or change that is needed during this period is covered by the guarantee. The travel and lodging costs are at the patient’s expense.

Pain-Free Experience

All our smile reconstruction packages include total anesthesia, an anesthesiologist and a pain-free treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You should take into account that in Freer Dental we start treatments on Mondays, you should arrive in Costa Rica on Sunday, and start your treatment on Monday, on Friday you will have your last follow-up appointment and on Saturday you can go back home; you should be in Costa Rica for 7 days or 6 nights.

You must buy your flight ticket for the Juan Santamaría Airport (SJO), airlines such as Spirit and American Airlines have direct flights to Costa Rica.

Freer Dental has an exclusive team of 3 anesthesiologists with more than 25 years of experience giving services to public and private hospitals and giving our patients a painless experience. The anesthetic is placed by intravenous line and generally our patients wake up 1 hour after the surgery.

When patients acquire the treatment through our website, it includes transport from the airport to the hotel. When the treatment is acquired through intermediaries, it does not include transport. Schedule your treatment through our website to receive benefits.

The only additional expense is the purchase of medicine in the pharmacy, the doctor will send you a recipe with antibiotics, medicine for pain control, among others with an approximate cost of 85 dollars for all the medicine you will need during the week.

Our concierge service will accompany you to the medicine purchase in one of the two pharmacies nearby the clinic.

In Freer Dental we accept 3 payment methods such as bank transfer, to our account in the United States (Wire Transfer), cash and credit card. If you would like more information about payment, you can contact our customer service team.

Now at Freer Dental our packages include lodging, we maintain the same price in our All on 6 dental implant packages and we include 2 lodging options located in front of our clinic.

Option 1 is an apartment on the 13th floor of a building, with view of the city of San José, Jacuzzi, Gym, social areas, high speed internet, equipped kitchen and privacy, surrounded by restaurants and supermarkets, all in a safe place in front of our clinic.

Option 2 is the Suits Cristina hotel, a hotel with a swimming pool, restaurant, spacious rooms and apartments, nature and excellent guest service.

You can choose between both accommodation options depending on space availability, our package also includes transportation from the airport to the hotel.

Clients Testimonials

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Please complete this form only once, our concierge team will contact you in less than 24 hours, please do not fill out more than one request.

Consider that the clinic is located in San José, Costa Rica and you need a passport to travel to this destination.

Conditions and restrictions:

If you have any of the following diseases you should have it under medical control: Diabetes, dyslipidemia, high cholesterol or thyroid problems, This treatment is not performed in patients who use medications for osteoporosis (Bisphosphonates).

Patients must have the adequate volume of bone and a sufficient density for the anchorage of the implants to allow immediate loading, if their bone does not have the necessary conditions, a second trip will be necessary.

The number of implants depends on the state of your bone, in some cases it will be possible to place 4 implants per jaw (8 in total), if your bone has sufficient volume, 12 implants will be placed in total.

You can send us your panoramic x-ray so that our team of doctors can confirm that you qualify for the treatment before your trip.