All on 6 Zirconium

The most innovative treatment for the complete reconstruction of a smile with dental implants. It is recommended in patients with multiple dental losses or teeth in bad condition that cannot be saved with other treatments and need a completely new smile.

The All on 6 treatment consists of placing 6 dental implants in the upper arch and 6 dental implants in the lower arch, above these implants is placed a temporary fixed prosthesis that needs to be replaced with a permanent prosthesis with zirconium teeth in a minimum period of 4 months and a maximum of 12 months.

Why is zirconium considered the best material for smile restoration?

  • Zirconia is a ceramic material that exhibits exceptional strength and durability. It is derived from zirconium, a naturally occurring element. Due to its excellent biocompatibility and aesthetic qualities, Zirconia becomes highly suitable for dental applications through accurate processing and refining.
  • The Zirconia restorations exhibit remarkable strength and durability, surpassing other dental materials. They can withstand biting forces and resist fractures, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • The Zirconia possesses excellent transparency, allowing it to mimic the appearance of natural teeth. It offers superior color-matching capabilities and blends seamlessly with the surrounding dentition, resulting in aesthetically pleasing restorations.
  • With Zirconia restorations have an impressive lifespan, often lasting for many years with proper care and maintenance. This longevity makes them a cost-effective option in the long run.

This treatment needs 2 trips to Costa Rica:


  • First Consultation with the Prosthodontist Specialist.
  • Panoramic X-rays on site on Pre-Treatment Consultation and After Surgery.
  • Surgery, 4-6 (per arch) surgical placement of dental implants.
  • Premium Brand Implants and include original abutments.
  • Bone grafts (except sinus lift).
  • Total anesthesia and anaesthesiologists.
  • Dental extractions.
  • Upper and lower full arches.
  • Dental hybrid titanium milled bar prosthesis.
  • 6 nights of accommodation in a 4-star hotel or private apartment.
  • Transportation and concierge service.
  • A team of internationally trained doctors by Freer Dental.
  • Written guarantee.


  • First Consultation with the Prosthodontist Specialist.
  • Panoramic X-rays.
  • Premium Zirconium Brand (Zirconzan).
  • Personalized design of your smile with digital software.
  • Upper and lower full arch or 3 on 6 system in zirconium.
  • In-house dental laboratory for the patient to make the changes and adjustments they need in their new smile.
  • Local transportation.
  • Concierge service.
  • 5 years of full written warranty.


  • It shows rapid improvement.
  • Makes you enjoy eating and speaking comfortably again.
  • You can choose the color and design of your smile.
  • Goodbye dentures, All on 6 is a fixed smile.

Payment methods:

You can pay your treatment in 2 parts, $14,950 in your first trip and $9000 in the second one, or a single payment in your first trip of

$ 21,000

Upper and lower arch

Zirconium Permanent

If you make a single payment in your first trip, you save $2950 in your treatment.

Price calculated for Payment to our Account in a Miami-FL-USA Bank (Wire transfer) or cash payment


This treatment has a total guarantee of 5 years, any adjustment, arrangement or change that is needed during this period is covered by the guarantee. The travel and lodging costs are at the patient’s expense.

Pain-Free Experience

All our smile reconstruction packages include total anesthesia, an anesthesiologist and a pain-free treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This treatment needs 2 trips to Costa Rica, this happens in the first trip:

6 nights in Costa Rica

  1. Monday Morning / Initial Consultation and Diagnosis

Once you decide to undergo the treatment, the first step is a thorough diagnosis that involves taking CT scans and pictures of your mouth. These help us understand your unique situation and formulate the most suitable treatment plan. Dr. Freer will project your X-rays in the consulting room and will explain how we will do the treatment in your case; during this appointment, the doctor will answer all your questions.

  1. Monday Afternoon or Tuesday Morning / Surgery & Implant Stability

After the diagnosis, our team of specialists will perform the surgery. This involves placing 4 to 6 titanium implants in your upper and lower arches (8 to 12 dental implants in total). The surgery is performed under sedation to ensure your comfort. Afterwards, the stability of the implants is crucial; if your bone structure is solid and healthy, we have high chances of achieving immediate loading of the dental implants. This means we put the implants to work immediately. During this surgery, all teeth extractions that you currently need, are also done without pain.

  1. Tuesday /Titanium Metal Hybrid Prosthesis Design

Once the surgery is complete and assuming immediate loading is achieved (as it is for 95% of our patients), we take an impression of the implants. While you rest, our dental lab begins designing your new titanium metal bar frame. This metal frame significantly reduces the risk of fracture and helps the implants work together more effectively.

  1. Wednesday /Try-In of Prosthesis and Adjustments

We will try in the metal bar structure and the acrylic set of teeth over it. You’ll be able to choose the color and size of your new teeth. Any modifications you want can be done with the help of our dental technicians until you are satisfied with your new smile. Once you and the dentist are happy with the aesthetics and function of the prosthesis, we instruct our dental lab to finish the process.

  1. Thursday /Receiving Your New Teeth

On the third day after your surgery, you will receive your new set of acrylic teeth (Upper and lower full arches), completing your transformation and giving you a brand-new smile.

  1. Friday /Final Check-Up

The prosthesis has been fixed the day before, and now the patient will return for a last check-up appointment to see how the prostheses feel, fit, and eventually adjust to the bite.

After your first trip, your process of osseointegration begins, your implants will become part of your bone structure and then it will be safe for you to receive the permanent zirconium prosthesis. After 4 months we are ready to design your new permanent zirconium smile.

Your second and last trip to Costa Rica is very important, the design and test of your new permanent smile is something that we take seriously; it is necessary that you spend 10 nights in Costa Rica, you will only have 4 appointments since most of the job happens inside the lab, we want to make sure that you come back home with your dream smile and that it lasts for the rest of your life.

10 nights in Costa Rica:

  1. (Monday Morning) Initial Consultationand Diagnosis

During your interview with the Doctor, he will analyze your X-Rays and analyze the state of the implants that were already installed during your first trip, where we will place your new Zirconia smile.

  1. (Tuesday & First Week) Laboratory Work of Smile

Our state-of-the-art in-house laboratory will create your customized permanent teeth that will not only restore your smile but is also individualized and carefully planned.

  1. (Friday, first week) Aesthetic Test

The final adjustments are made to ensure the smile that the patient wants, how the prostheses feel, fit, and eventually adjust the bite, the patient can enter in our laboratory and along with the doctor make modifications to the digital design of the smile.

  1. (Tuesday 2nd Week) Receiving Your New Teeth

On this day, you will receive your new set of zirconium teeth, completing your transformation, and giving you a brand-new smile.

  1. Final Check-Up (Wednesday 2nd Week) 

The permanent zirconium smile is fixed the day before, once we have confirmed that the bridges and/or arch fit perfectly, they will be securely attached to your implants, giving you a full set of new and functional teeth.

You must buy your flight ticket for the Juan Santamaría Airport (SJO), airlines such as Spirit and American Airlines have direct flights to Costa Rica.

Freer Dental has an exclusive team of 3 anesthesiologists with more than 25 years of experience giving services to public and private hospitals and giving our patients a painless experience. The anesthetic is placed by intravenous line and generally our patients wake up 1 hour after the surgery.

When patients acquire the treatment through our website, it includes transport from the airport to the hotel. When the treatment is acquired through intermediaries, it does not include transport. Schedule your treatment through our website to receive benefits.

The only additional expense is the purchase of medicine in the pharmacy, the doctor will send you a recipe with antibiotics, medicine for pain control, among others with an approximate cost of 85 dollars for all the medicine you will need during the week.

Our concierge service will accompany you to the medicine purchase in one of the two pharmacies nearby the clinic.

In Freer Dental we accept 3 payment methods such as bank transfer, to our account in the United States (Wire Transfer), cash and credit card. If you would like more information about payment, you can contact our customer service team.

Now at Freer Dental our packages include lodging, we maintain the same price in our All on 6 dental implant packages and we include 2 lodging options located in front of our clinic.

Option 1 is an apartment on the 13th floor of a building, with view of the city of San José, Jacuzzi, Gym, social areas, high speed internet, equipped kitchen and privacy, surrounded by restaurants and supermarkets, all in a safe place in front of our clinic.

Option 2 is the Suits Cristina hotel, a hotel with a swimming pool, restaurant, spacious rooms and apartments, nature and excellent guest service.

You can choose between both accommodation options depending on space availability, our package also includes transportation from the airport to the hotel.

  • The temporary prosthesis of the All on 6 treatment is designed to last up to 12 months; you have 12 months of complete warranty, following the recommendations and with proper maintenance it can extend the product life by up to 5 years.
  • The temporary prosthesis includes a metal bar inside the prosthesis that provides double support to the treatment and allows for greater durability.
  • Price includes lodging for your first trip, but it is not included in your second trip.
  • Some patients remain some years with the temporary prosthesis, the recommendation is to replace the temporary prosthesis in 6 months and in a maximum of 3 years.
  • The permanent zirconium prosthesis can be designed in a single bar over the implants or using the 3 on 6 treatment in which you receive 6 zirconium bridges (3 bridges in each arch), since your first trip you can discuss both options with the doctor.

Options for my permanent zirconium smile:

In Freer Dental, we offer 2 options of prosthesis, the traditional complete bar with zirconium teeth and the 3 on 6 treatment. In the next video the doctor explains the 3 on 6 procedure for your permanente smile.

Importance of Separation with the 3 on 6 options:

Having 3 separate bridges, instead of 1 large one offers a couple of key advantages:

Better Oral Hygiene: The separation between the bridges allows you to floss between them. This greatly improves your ability to maintain good oral hygiene, which in return extends the life of your implants.

Less Stress on Implants: Having separate bridges distributes the pressure more evenly when you chew, resulting in less stress on single implants.

Natural Feel: The separated bridges feel more like natural teeth, enhancing your overall comfort.

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