All on 6 Package

Why 4 if you can have 6?

All on 6 Implant System is a restoration treatment in which the patient receives 4 to 6 dental implants with titanium metal bar frame and acrylic teeth which makes it an aesthetically natural, comfortable and affordable alternative to dentures.

New smile in just 1 trip

Package includes:

– 4-6 surgical placement of dental implants
– Upper and lower full arch
– Bone grafts (except sinus lift)
– Ct scan
– Dental extractions
– Dental hybrid titanium milled bar prosthesis
– Concierge service
– A team of internationally trained doctors by Freer Dental


  • It Shows rapid improvement.
  • Makes you enjoy eating and speaking comfortably again.
  • You have a pearly white smile.
  • Removable dentures are not required.