3 on 6

The 3 on 6 Implant System consists of 2 trips to Costa Rica, the first is the Surgical Phase (placement of the implants), and the second is the Restorative Phase (personalized design and application of bridges), with a period of 4 or 6 months between them called Osseointegration.

We can consider that you are a good candidate for the 3 on 6 implants system if you:

  • Lost all your teeth and are seeking an affordable alternative to all on 4 dentures.
  • Want to stop using dentures, because these are uncomfortable, irritating, and cause loss of taste.
  • Have not a huge deterioration of bone, decreasing bone density, or reduction of height/width of bone where the implants will be placed.

If you have been diagnosed with a large loss of bone density, you will probably be prescribed other alternative treatments such as All on 4.