Why do People Fear the Dentist? Psychiatry Explains it …

The fear of the dentist is really widespread among people: Why? What are the deep psychological causes of what can take the form of a real phobia?

First of all, let me say that I am not a Psychiatrist but I have friends who are and they explained the concept very well. What I’m saying below is a summary of what they told me. For any further information, In this case, I encourage you to read the disclaimer at the bottom of this article.

The first point I would like to talk to you about is the one related to the concepts of Trust and Confiance. Trusting a person, be it a friend or your dentist, has to do with a rational process. You trust only when and if you have good rational reasons to do so. In the case of dental practices, when you perceive a very high level of professional preparation, and an efficient work team of very high-level technological infrastructures, etc … you will end to trust them.

Ok, but to win, in this case, is your rational mind. I will explain to you instead what is meant, in psychoanalysis, by the word: Entrust.

Entrusting oneself means, at an unconscious level, bringing back a certain real experience to another metaphorical one, or the care with which our parents have related to us.

Consequently, if your relationship with the most important figures of your life, your parents, will have been a source of complete satisfaction and not of anguish or ambivalence, it will be easier for you, as an adult, to trust figures that, symbolically, they have a parental value.

Yes, that’s right: your dentist, for your unconscious, has the value of a parental figure! You weren’t expecting it!

Now that you begin to understand the psychological mechanism behind the fear of the dentist, I want to reveal another secret: to be more afraid of dentists are adults, not children!

In fact, the construction and the rooting of the relationship with their parents are still in progress in children and it is more difficult to develop Transfert relations or to compare and connect at the unconscious level of the figures that have parental values ​​(doctors, dentists, teachers, judges, lawyers, politicians, etc.) with our real parents.

Often children cry at the dentist, it is true, but they do it only because it is a new experience, one cannot talk about a phobia! In a nutshell, the fear of the dentist has to do with the transfer of fears that we have connected with our parents as a child to the experience of help that the dentist provides us with. Interesting, isn’t it?

Do you know what the worst experience a human being can experience? 

It is not going to the Dentist!! It is precisely to discover that the parental figure, in reality, is an enemy and threatening figure! The directors and authors of horror stories or thrills know this well: when they want to arouse the maximum terror, then they will try to reveal that the real monster is the person we thought was completely good. Want a movie example? “Shining”! — This film really arouses that great share of anxiety and tension precisely for this reason …

In the same way, the fear that those who want to help us can be the one who, on the contrary, harms us, can be present in people.

Have you noticed how recently, in the media and in the press, it is very fashionable and attracts the attention of everyone to report medical malpractice? When a doctor turns out to be a bad person, summary, unprofessional or even a “monster”, all this makes a lot of hold on the people who, unconsciously it recalls this ancient and atavistic fear that to hurt is precisely who instead should be a figure of help.

Now that you are aware of how your psychology works whenever you are in front of a dentist, according to psychoanalytic theory, you should be healed!

If this hadn’t happened after my “magical” revealing intervention … well, you don’t have to worry! 

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Seeing is believing!


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