Tips to Recognize a Quality Dentist!

In a previous article, we saw what can be parameters that you can use to recognize a quality dentist. As I said then, however, these were necessary conditions but not sufficient to determine the high-quality level of a dental practice.

How to understand if in addition to a good base there is also a system that generates quality? — The technical ability of a dentist, which is obviously the most important parameter for a quality study, is perhaps the only parameter that the patient can hardly ever evaluate because it is too technical.

Sometimes beautiful facade works hide operational flaws or below the surface. So we try to give a series of additional parameters that are indispensable for me in a modern studio that works with care.

This time I have to warn you that I will speak in a subjective way. Many colleagues may not agree with me, maybe just on one or two points, maybe on everyone. I don’t want to discredit anyone.

In good faith, I want to talk to you about the elements that I believe were fundamental in determining the success of our clinic, which enjoys quality recognition from patients and also from the scientific community. I hope they will be useful to you.


A modern dental practice must offer patients all possible services to avoid causing them additional thoughts and wasting time. Already going to the dentist for many is not pleasant, so you must at least pamper the patient in order to make him an experience that should be maintained periodically in life.

If the patient enters a clinic and to make an overview or a tac you hear that he has to go to the family doctor for a check and then try to do it in a private center, for example, we already have created a headache and an additional waste of time.

Of course, it is even worse if, to avoid this procedure, the dentist without machinery to perform these radiographic investigations performs a blind implant surgery without have x-rays or a tac, as I often hear in the stories of my patients.

Another important service is the IV sedation, which allows us to treat anxious patients or to perform important interventions and which we discussed in a previous article (click here to read it). To be able to perform it safely, for example, it is necessary to be assisted by a certified Anesthesiologist.

In addition, we have always been convinced that you could appreciate a hotel walking distance to the clinic and a shuttle service if by chance you are in trouble to go to the studio because you don’t have a driving license or you don’t drive anymore or you have to be accompanied because you have to undergo an operation that advises against driving immediately after the operation and you have no one who can to do it.

Obviously, not all of these services can be offered by all the studios or maybe there will be others that we do not offer but that others, like Freer Dental, have decided to provide.

Let’s say that the more services you have in a clinic, the more sure you are that the dentist is constantly thinking about optimizing your experience in his studio!


A quality dentist is able to guarantee the reworking of a job that fails prematurely without requiring additional disbursement.

Also, in this case, the clinic needs a certain economic strength to be able to guarantee to a patient that if an implant fails or has to be replaced after 10 years. – Clearly, the dentist needs in exchange for the guarantee to see the proof that you have done the periodic checks.

If you disappear from dental clinics for years and then you return with a failed job, with a bridge that has broken or an implant with periimplantitis, etc. I believe it is correct and right to repay the rehabilitation of the therapy.

Everybody knows that sometimes failure is not the fault of the dentist, but of the patient, or sometimes of neither. But the dentist, in general opinion, must provide you with a minimum guarantee.

It is a parameter that makes you understand that the dentist is sure of the quality of his work and also that he works enough (and therefore also earns enough) to be able to afford to redo a job at his own expense, even if the dental technician often gives it to him repay.

If the dentist puts an implant on you, and unfortunately, you immediately lose it (and it happens in 2-3% of cases) and he tells you that it’s not his fault (and it’s probably true) and it makes you pay it back, I don’t think you’ll be very happy?


Even a dental practice is a small company, and teamwork is essential. The dentist must think about being a dentist, he cannot even discuss estimates, payments, deal with purchases, and in some cases even do the cleaning.

And even if he is able to work in some way without assistance, the quality of his work gets worse because in addition to keeping his head engaged in the therapy he is performing he must also take care of aspirating the saliva, checking if you are well, taking the materials getting up if you forgot to take something or if an unforeseeable need occurs at the beginning of the session …

A solid and well-run study does not have to worry about the cost of employees because if they are used well, their work pays for itself widely. While often the cut of the personnel is the first means to control the expenses and carve out a greater profit from the professional, and this applies to all sectors, not only for dentistry.

Therefore, even if somehow it is possible to get even with a limited number of employees, the studies that do not skimp in this sense and have secretaries who are only the secretaries, sterilization staff who deal only with that and specialized assistants in the assistance, in my opinion, has some extra costs that have to be paid by the patients.

At Freer Dental Implant Center and our Dental LAB Technicians and Administrative staff, we have only 10 employees, and the time we have one for maternity leave or for other reasons, we can’t do without it for more than a couple of months and need to hire temporary staff.

I really don’t understand how a dentist can work with 4 or 5 chairs with 3 or 4 employees. Some colleagues tell us “maybe it is enough not to keep 3 assistants in assistance in a surgery”, but to offer the highest quality, the number of people that you need is another! No kidding!


The inventor of the implants Dr. Per-Ingvar Brånemark used to say: “Nobody should die with their teeth in a glass of water.” – Maybe it’s a bit of a gruesome irony, I know … But if in the past this seemed a utopia, today I believe that this must be a goal to be achieved.

By now there are numerous techniques to simplify operations that in the past were even performed in the operating room under general anesthesia. To date with the IV sedation, of which we have already spoken, and with ever-better technologies, a good surgeon does not stop in front of any anatomical obstacle. Only a very few health conditions can make implant surgery impossible.

Of course, there is a major obstacle in the life of the patients that is the economic one. But today there are techniques that allow you to optimize your spending and the financial ones, like it or not, can allow you to pay your teeth in installments as you do with a car or a working tool … The comparison, even if it might seem demeaning, actually fits the perfect fit.

Fixed teeth are a means that creates unparalleled comfort in enjoying the pleasures of the table, and improve safety in relating to others. 

Furthermore, the work done in the mouth has a mechanical and manual work behind it, technology and maintenance. And, as we have said before, in my opinion, they must have a form of guarantee. Like a car indeed.

So to this day, I am not ashamed to leverage on patients to push them to make a loan and some sacrifices, rather than condemning them to use mobile devices or dentures on their mouth forever!


What does metal-free mean? Simply that the majority of dentists have not used metals for years. For years, dentistry has been transformed and is based on a concept of chemical adhesion that accompanies the use of tooth-colored materials and a much more conservative approach in terms of the possibility of safeguarding healthy tooth substance without sacrificing aesthetics, indeed, improving it.

Nothing to say about the precision and duration of metal rehabilitations. But now metal-free materials offer features and possibilities to preserve healthy dental structures that make a metal-based approach old. The metal works well, we agree. But to date, a successful therapy in dentistry owes both to functionality, but also to preserving aesthetics.

Again we can start with the moralisms that we are talking about health and not buying a handbag or a car. But we evolve and if we can achieve excellent results both in terms of functionality and aesthetics, why do I have to give up one of two things?


I last held the most important parameter. A passionate dentist will always offer you the best care possible. A passionate dentist photographs his/her works and is proud of them as if they were works of art of which he is the author. 

It invests time and money to show patients and colleagues its work. It confronts the scientific community. It yearns to buy and immediately have available any new material to be introduced on the market. Sometimes is happy as a child when can use a more colorful or “cooler” instrument. And has in mind that is always turned on in proposing new technologies, in promoting his/her activity, in participating in congresses and competitions.
A passionate dentist does not feel his work as a burden. And sometimes is not ashamed even when he/she has been accused of living to work and not working for a living.

If you are lucky enough to meet a dentist with such a mentality, you will be able to stay calm and always make every effort to treat yourself better and invest in your health, because only then will it continue to fuel the enthusiasm and pleasure you feel to have chosen the right place for your wellbeing!

I hope these seven tips could help you to recognize a quality dentist and raise your awareness, which is the primary goal of Dental Experience!


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