The Warranty in Dentistry is Guaranteed?

Nowadays, whatever expenses are incurred to pay for an item is balanced by a guarantee. When is a health service paid the same thing?

“Medicine is not an exact science”, we often hear. And in the health field, there are diagnostic and operational processes that differ in many ways from the mere purchase of an object.

But it is also true that healthcare costs put a strain on patients’ pockets, which cannot be deprived of a form of guarantee on the therapies to which they have been subjected, so the subject I believe deserves further study.

Just last month I had 30 minutes on the agenda to meet the lawyer of one of my patients who is carrying out a legal battle to claim damages and compensation against her previous dentist.

She had been reporting her previous dentist due to issues with an aesthetically beautiful total ceramic crown restoration, which underneath the crowns I don’t think there was even one without infection.

This has made me reflect on what forms of guarantee are the best to protect the patient in the face of the injustices of some dentists.

The code of ethics of doctors and dentists stipulates that:

The doctor, in pursuing the decorum of professional practice and the principle of preventive agreement, makes the fee proportional to the difficulty and complexity of the professional work, the skills required and the means employed, protecting the quality and safety of the service.”

The doctor usually communicates the fee in advance to the assisted person, which it isn’t’ subordinated to the results of the professional service finally received.

In harmony with the regulatory provisions, the doctor provides appropriate insurance coverage for civil liability towards third parties connected to his professional activity. “

In fact, you must be informed about the therapies you will be subjected to and the success rates you must expect, the doctor must ask you for a fee proportionate to the complexity of the service performed, but you will be entitled to a form of guarantee.

I often see people who have faced expenses that are equal to one year (or more!!) than their salary who find themselves having to redo all their work a short distance of time. I believe it is right that when a patient entrusts the care of his mouth to a professional who prepares a treatment plan based on scientific knowledge and on the awareness of the success rates of the therapies he proposes, this also offers a warranty.

If a dentist is not able to guarantee a minimum duration for the treatment he proposes for a rather high fee, I don’t think he can get the patient’s trust. – If he does not have the economic strength to redo a failed therapy for free or does not know how to administer the clinic costs, I think that damage also the patient’s trust too many other doctors.

Guarantee by the dentist – On balance, any restoration in the mouth can be compared to a car: even the most technological of the most exclusive brand can break due to a technical defect, due to fatality, wear or incorrect use. But any company that respects itself guarantees its products for a minimum number of years or kilometers. As I see it, even dentist rehabilitations must be guaranteed for a minimum time. And if they fail they must be redone without the patient having any harm.

In our clinic, if a cure fails or has to be redone before a reasonable time, we do it again without asking why and charging anything, or we scale up the cost of the first therapy performed by that of the new treatment to be performed if this is more expensive. 

Chewing, dental trauma, biting the nougat or running into the core of an olive, bruxism (the nocturnal grinding of the teeth), spoiled habits (biting nails, chewing pens, uncorking bottles or tearing off scotch with teeth) and so much more can I say, as well as uncork the beer bottle with the teeth certainly, are environments subjected to many factors that can put a strain on even the best rehabilitation, nevertheless, we prefer do not to lose the patient’s trust and proceed to do again without asking why and charging anything.

Some therapies, like surgical ones, are even more delicate because a possible failure requires a new surgical intervention that for the patient can be psychologically heavy to face again. All the more reason the dentist must monitor his therapy over time to prevent the onset of problems or to promptly intercept the first signs of a possible failure.

This is why it is important that you periodically undergo hygiene and control sessions, following the advice of the dentist and hygienist. If this does not happen would be correct that any form of guarantee expires. Following the comparison with a car, no manufacturer guarantees its product if the coupon is not regularly made.

So we can say that even if the code of ethics is (like all laws and regulations) rather smoky, it is not reasonable that you get angry with a guarantee on the dentist’s work if in return you do not have to commit to “the coupons” periodically, by performing sessions of hygiene and control radiographs.

It is, in fact, frequent in my experience that the patient, no matter how informed, after six months-a years no longer remembers which teeth have been treated! To avoid always intervening on the same teeth and repaying the same job several times, it is necessary to have rigorous documentation that reports the dates of execution of the therapies and teeth involved.

Freer Dental Clinic Guarantee – 

If you are reading this article it means that you are becoming a CONSCIOUS PATIENT and we want to give you some advice: entrust the care of your mouth to professionals like us who, in addition to inspiring confidence, informs you about the therapies we will perform, fill out a clear quote before starting treatment, specific (and in WRITE !!) which form of guarantee offers you on the therapies and which issues a regular invoice!


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