The trend is delivering estimates that includes all possible costs and maintain the quote as written in stone!

If you have this in your mind, you are probably looking for implantology and intend to find a good quote for 4-6 implants. In this article, you will discover all the information you need to understand the costs of implantology and to choose the best proposal.

The connection between price and type of installation

Dental Implant sets can be compared to common screws; if we decided to buy some in a hardware store, probably at our request of the type: “I would like 6 screws”, the shopkeeper would reply: “We have so many, what length, step, thickness, and quality do you need?”

This problem is much more complex when it comes to titanium dental implants. In fact, each patient has different bone anatomy that requires the use of different types of implants. Some types are produced exclusively by certain companies and it is common that there are significant price fluctuations between different plants and manufacturing companies.

This could be enough to understand that it is difficult to give a precise answer to a generic question. In reality, the situation is much more complex and cannot be traced back solely to the type of system to be used; in fact, the cost of implant surgery is linked to much more.

Choose only quality implants

The connection between price and type of intervention

To make it easier to understand this aspect, we can compare the work performed by an implantologist to that of an engineer commissioned to design a bridge.

To carry out his work in the best possible way, the engineer will have to proceed with surveys, assess the type of terrain and any risks related to possible failures, get help from specific software to better analyze the data and to transform his idea into a 3D drawing.

Not surprisingly, 2 engineers would answer to the same question with different projects. In fact, the first could foresee a greater number of supporting pillars while the second could opt for a smaller number of pillars able to support a greater load.

An important variable: the difficulty level of the intervention

The work of a good implantologist does not differ much from the work done by the engineer in our previous example. First of all, it is necessary to evaluate the situation of the oral cavity with a Panoramic Xrays that often follows the TAC. Depending on the situation, it is possible to design the implant surgery.

Once the situation of the patient’s bone has been assessed, the implantologist can decide to apply the prosthesis to 4, 6 or 8 implants, he can assess whether in certain areas there is a risk that the bone will not withstand a certain load or a given screw, can choose the types of implants so that they adapt perfectly to the patient’s anatomy. In fact, those who specialize in implantology have more types of implants available to make sure they adopt the best solution for the patient and, not infrequently, use different brands for the same patient.

To all this, we must add that it is natural that different solutions have different costs: returning to the example of the bridge, an engineer could present a low-cost project because he used standard solutions and materials, while his colleague could have proposed a more expensive solution but that adopts innovative and safer solutions and materials.

Now back to the initial question: how much do 6 implants cost? 

You will have discovered that normally a dentist in the USA is unlikely to overreact by formulating a quote without first assessing the condition of your mouth. All panorama changes when we talk about Dentistry abroad in the United States, the feared Dental Tourism.

At the beginning of my career in Medical Tourism, I’ve noted that often the clinics used to offer the lowest price as possible in their estimates and adding the “extras” at invoice delivered the end of the treatment, to the patient who got very angry and with good reasons because most of the patients have had to save dollar over a dollar for a long time and sometimes they don’t have where to find it.

However the times changed, now a day the story is slightly different, many clinics in Costa Rica have learned the lesson and quote accordingly including everything the patient needs to have his smile back.


Ultimately, if you browse the internet and find estimates that offer “dental implants for $700”, it’s obvious that don’t include the crown, the abutments, and/or other supplies too, it will almost certainly be a standard solution that is well suited just to the simplest cases. Generally, a standard solution is aimed at those who do not have bone problems and provides for the insertion of a predefined number of dental implants.

The All-on-Four procedure rehabilitates an entire dental arch on 4 implants, everybody knows that there are Implantologists willing to “give up with the numbers”, to provide estimates without having visited the patient or want to treat different patients with the same solution, even if we know that each clinical case is unique.

In Medical Tourism it’s not possible to see the patient before arrives at the country, because there are not patients that don’t even think to take a flight without knowing how much they will be spending for their dental treatment.

For this reason that clinics Freer Dental were pioneer a few years ago on this trend in delivering estimates that includes all possible costs and maintain the quote as written in stone, even if the service was more expensive and giving a cashback if the service was less expensive.

Fortunately, Freer Dental Implant Center trend has been followed by other clinics, I can say that today the old refrain that says that “clinics abroad cheat with pricesis clearly ridiculous and obsolete, despite critics, thousands and thousands of patients who cannot afford to pay the high costs of dental treatment in their homeland, every year flies abroad for the dental treatments, the people that go on to be confused should be looking for another system to convince themselves to stay home.


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