Discover the Causes of Rejection of Dental Implants – Part 2

In the previous article, we have clarified an important concept: the rejection of implants does not exist and those who speak of rejection are cunning or do not know what they are talking about.

Rigetto di un Impianto Dentale - Dentista Roma San Giovanni

At the end of the previous article, I explained to you that the failure of the Implants is caused by a series of factors that act together and most of them are not known yet! But we know well most of them and I want to explain them to you in this article.

Here are the 4 causes of dental implant failure — (surely there are a thousand others but we don’t know it yet)

First Cause: The experience and knowledge of the Surgeon.

Wouldn’t you have thought that? 

What will it take to make a hole in your bone and place a screw?

Well, obviously there is a lot of experience and knowledge. A recent scientific article tells us that implants placed by general dentists fail significantly more than those inserted by implantology specialists. 

Just to clarify, the general dentist is the one who does a little bit of everything.

I will give you an example: the general practitioner is absolutely fundamental in the health system because we all turn to him when we have small or large health problems and he advises and directs us. We have great faith in our primary care physician and we trust what he says, but which of us would have his heart doctor, or just his appendicitis, operate on his office if he decided to become a surgeon? If one does the general practitioner, he does not have the time to become a good surgeon and an experienced surgeon he may not have the time (and patience !!) to be a general practitioner.

For that, if you have to go under a Dental Implants Surgery rely on an Expert Implantologist!! Especially if your case is difficult. For some years now the Dental Implant Centers have mainly been concerned with re-operating patients who have had major failures after the intervention of inexperienced hands (and sometimes unfortunately unscrupulous!).

Do your Due Diligence to Prevent!

Second Cause: (I bet you know this one) –; The Smoke!

On this, we have much certainty. If you smoke your implants will fail three times more likely and is demonstrated by scientific articles. Smoking is not an absolute contraindication to implants but those who put them there must warn you of this and “push” you to stop smoking.

Third Cause:  – The Periodontitis

If you have periodontitis you will lose the implants more likely than those who do not have periodontitis. I told you that this makes me mad. Do you know why?

Because systematically, every single day, patients to whom implants have been placed without first treating the periodontitis! An error is tolerable, we make mistakes every day. But ignorance and dishonesty are not acceptable in a doctor. And those who put implants in a patient with undiagnosed and untreated periodontitis are ignorant or dishonest!

Just to give you some useful information for self-evaluation … it is likely that you have periodontitis if: your gums bleed … you have teeth that move … you have teeth moving … you always have bad breath.

Fourth Cause: — Diabetes

Here we have fewer patients certainty. But one thing is for sure, better NOT to put implants in those with uncompensated diabetes patients. If glycemic control is not optimal your implantologist will have to send you to your doctor to take care of lowering your blood sugar. If you have diabetes but are treated correctly and your values ​​with drugs and diet are well controlled then you can put the implants without problems.

Here we are with the final message: Trust an experienced Surgeon ho knows to evaluate if you are a candidate for All-on-4 and/or and know that you can have the best intervention.

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