Discover the Causes of Rejection of Dental Implants – Part 1

Dental Implant Infections LIVE WARNING - YouTubeHere we are talking about the “rejection” of dental implants.

One of the phrases we hear most often is: – “I don’t want to put the implants because a lady I know has had a rejection and she told me that is dangerous”.

In a small town, all people meet outside the church or in the supermarket. They speak out loud their opinions with a seriousness that makes you believe that they really know that is the sacred truth.

Or: – “I won’t be able to plant them !!! My Dentist told me that I have no bone”. 

Here I have to admit that I have to breathe deeply, it forces me to smile before the answer.

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Let’s start with a definition of Wikipedia:

¨We talk about transplant rejection when the immune system of a transplanted patient attacks the new organ, recognizing it as non-self like bacteria or viruses.¨

Here we are! “Transplant”, not “Implant”. Transplantation is the transfer of an Organ or Tissue into the same individual or between two individuals. The organs and tissues have within the molecules that are called antigens and if our defense army sees antigens that are not similar to its own, it shoots us over the atomic bombs, and then here rejection develops. 

Titanium, of which dental implants are made, does not have antigens so it cannot cause rejection,
Resultado de imagen para implant rejection xrays
Here we are at the first point: – The causes of the rejection of the implants do not exist because the Rejection of the Implants does not Exist! 

We should talk that it’s an Infection!

At most, there could be titanium allergy of implants but a recent review of world literature ( tells us that the effect of titanium as a cause of allergy in patients with dental implants cannot be tried.

Consider that millions of dental implants are placed every year in the world, not to mention orthopedic implants. If the allergy to the implants were a real phenomenon that should worry us the world scientific literature we would have been noticed.

So, when you lose an implant you have to talk about Implant Infection, not Rejection.

Obviously, this is just a psychological trick that more or less unconsciously someone uses to blame the failure totally on the patient and save himself from the “fool” and the embarrassment of having to explain what happened. Too bad that in this way very serious disinformation is created.

In reality the rejection … oh no, excuse me! Implant failure is a complex and multifactorial phenomenon (that is, it has many small causes that work together). I will try to explain it to you in the next post so if you will have to face an implant surgery you will be working as safe as possible!


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