Dental costs in United States are considerable?

That is why today many patients turn to Costa Rica, where dental care is of excellent quality, very fast times, and significantly lower prices; and for those who rely on our organization, airport shuttle and hotel accommodation can be free. 
Dental Costs & Prices in the USA vs Costa Rica | The Costa Rican Times

We believe it is important to rely on a real organization like Freer Dental Implant Center, not hidden behind only mobile numbers, with offices and a solid structure made up of people with proven organizational experience.

For patients who contact us or visit us at our San José offices, I usually explain in detail all the essential and organizational aspects of care at the Freer Dental Implant Center.

Dentists: their professionalism, the studies and qualifications they’ve received, their experience, and their specializations. All operate in compliance with the strict hygiene and safety standards imposed by strict country regulations.

Cures and treatments: How much they cost? What they involve, how and when they are carried out?

Guarantees: Dental clinic issue a guarantee of the treatments performed with ISO certified materials in compliance with ADA regulations, which specifies professional and financial assistance in case of need.

The procedure and the timing of treatment: a recent panoramic radiograph sent to is required to carry out an initial examination and to formulate a quote that will be as close as possible with the final price.

However, it is important to say that an in-depth specialist visit and an additional x-ray (free in the clinic) will always precede the beginning of any treatment.

Costs: transparency is what sets us apart. To say that you save 50-60% is not enough. Too often, various offers or quotes fail to communicate all the costs right from the start: a simple quote for treatment is not enough because the patient wants to know how much he will spend in TOTAL.

Our quotes are, therefore “all-inclusive” and include the cost of treatment, extractions, IV Sedation, Hotel Accommodation, and the transfer from/to the airport, which is always free.

The accommodation is included, thanks to personalized planning and the exclusive agreements that Freer Dental Implant Center has stipulated with the Hotel Palma Real.

In the event that two people (family, friends, or other) need treatment, our clinic will assist you in planning the various phases to accumulate the amounts of care and thus be able to take advantage of the discount scale of the accommodation linked to dental care even more.

Assistance: from the organization of the trip to the constant presence on site of English speaking staff to our availability during all the stay of our patients on the spot.

We also know how much a patient who goes abroad may fear any difficulties due to the foreign language. — Precisely, for this reason, we are a clinic where the English language is at home: in the clinic, in the hotel as well as in the restaurant that offers the menu entirely written in your language.


… by Massimo – Write me with your Panoramic X-Rays view for a free specialist quotation at our clinic by sending an email at 


The Content above even if the above information is written or supervised by professional in dentistry. A physical examination is a procedure by which the dentists investigate the oral cavity of patients for signs of disease. – It generally follows the taking of the medical history and an account of all the symptoms as experienced by the patient. — Together with the medical history, the physical examination aids in determining the correct diagnosis and devising the treatment plan. — Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding your medical condition

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